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Day 3 Hongik with the cousins!

Yonsei University:


Patbingso, 7000won.

After desert, we headed over to the Hong-ik University.
Nam Myung met her friend there and i was really glad to meet him even though we only talked for about 15 minutes.
He is fluent in English and he felt like a fellow Singaporean to me.

After we left Hong-ik Unversity, we headed back to the Hongdae area and visited the 'Free Market'.
The place was oozing with creativity and it was packed.

The playground that was featured in the drama 'Mary Stayed Out All Night'

An artist doing simple caricatures for just 10 won. There were about 50 people queueing in line.

Mr Kim headed home first while Soo Young, Nam Myung and i headed over to a noraebang!
I told them that i am a shy person and that i cannot sing or dance, but we went ahead with the plan anyway. HAHA
I had a really great time with them.

All the jumping and shouting(especially to 2NE1's 'Ugly') made us really hungry and tired. 
Nam Myung brought us to a popular restaurant and i had the best meal i ever had since i set foot on Korea.
We waited for a good 35 minutes for our turn to be seated in the restaurant though.
Nonetheless, the mouth-watering Kimchi Fried Rice, Hamburger Omelette(forgot the name) and Ramyeon with Mussels made every second of the wait worthwhile.

Ramyeon not featured because i was too occupied with gobbling up the Kimchi Fried rice.

Kimchi Fried Rice

I also took my first bus ride in Korea on the way home.
I am really thankful for their kind hospitality and the family has treated me very well.



i actually commented a few times last night, but i guess it didn't show. hehe, noraebang looks wonderful! glad you're having so much fun with the cousins :D i can tell this trip will only get better and better. don't have to worry much ;) hongdae looks awesome. i can't waitttt

By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 18, 2012 at 12:24 AM  

haha nammyung said that they would just grab anyone and pull them into the club. haha i think you will love it there!!!

By Blogger Unknown, at June 18, 2012 at 1:13 AM  

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