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Day 3 Meeting My Host Family

Ok so i am currently in the middle of nowhere. HAHA. 
All i know is that i am near Hongik and Sinchon.

I left the guesthouse at 9.10am for Hongik Univ. Station.
Mr Kim picked me up at one of the exits and we headed over to his home in the Yeonhui neighbourhood, a five-minute drive away from the station.

He opened the main door to his home and called out to his parents, a cute old man descended from the stairs that led to the living room. 
I did a 90 degree bow a few and times and greeted him with a smile.
He asked me to go up to the living room and have a seat while Mr Kim parked his car.
An old lady came up the stairs and i bowed again.
They were smiling and so was i. 
I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when i saw them.
The warmth that i felt when i met the family is so comforting.
Even though Mr Kim is the only one who speaks English, I feel really at ease in this home.
Here i am, a house that is tucked away in a typical Korean neighbourhood.
Ahh, the air is so fresh.

(P.S. Mr Kim's son is very handsome 7/8 year-old boy but i haven't played with him yet. 
He seems really shy.)

Grandma prepared orange juice and watermelon for me. When did watermelon taste so good?

 I think Mr Kim is an artist.



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