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Day 4 A Romantic Walk with Joo Kyung

Argh i don't know where the pictures i took during breakfast went!! We had the usual banchan with my favourite anchovies!!! Grandma and Mrs Kim cooked rice, eggs and squid soup as well! It was really tasty and satisfying. Apparently, a sumptuous breakfast(to me at least) like that is a normal occurrence in a Korean home.
It was still early in the morning when i saw Joo Kyung hanging out with his bros outside the house. I plucked my courage and asked if i could join him(by gesturing and mentioning 'soccer' repeatedly in korean). Soon, we were passing a 20gram ball on the streets. HAHA After awhile, they headed over to the children's playground.
We were waiting for Mr Kim to return from his church service before we head out for a family outing so i decided to take a stroll around the neighbourhood. Grandpa feared that i might lose my way. Guess who he sent to guide me!!

Joo Kyung haha Aigoo my favourite boy in Korea is very shy. He walked so fast even though he was told to accompany me. HAHA Nam Myung said that he usually walks at that pace. We raced up a small slope and i won.

Oh yes! Last night when we were hanging out in his room, he went out for a brief moment and Nam Myung was talking about his shyness. I said that he is too cute and that his eyes are really pretty. When he came in, Nam Myung told him that i complimented him and forced him to thank me. He kept bending his head down and he was so shy HAHAHA Finally he forced out a "thank you" in the cutest accent ever and we burst out laughing.

View from the rooftop.

View from the rooftop.

Joo Kyung giving Soo Young his dictation test.



he's so cuteeee!! if one didn't know better, one would see you as a creeper with a camera :O and blushing before a seven-year-old!??? tskkk

By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 18, 2012 at 12:20 AM  

HAHAHA it was love at first sight man when i first saw him on the first day!!!!

By Blogger Seoulo Traveller, at June 18, 2012 at 1:11 AM  

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