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Day 43 Baseball Again!

Today marks the last day of lessons in SNU. As much as i am glad that we don't have anymore assignments to do, i miss being a student in Korea, albeit not a regular one. It is also vehement reminder that soon, very soon, i will be boarding a plane back to the little red dot and i will be back to studying engineering, something that is vastly different from language and humanities.

I went down to the batting cages with the initial plan to bat just one round before i head to Suwon. I tried my best to follow the tips given in the videos that i watched last night. I did improve a weeeee bit but oh well, as long as i have fun, right?

Well, i batted erm... a total of 12 rounds. After my first few rounds, the ahjusshi mending the cages told me to use the lighter bat. I was so thankful although my skill level is still stagnant regardless of the weight of the bat. After the 8th round, when i went to get more coins, he asked if i was tired and even offered me some water. 

My whole body is aching now. My right thigh muscle aches when i climb the stairs and my back aches whenever i move. My right arm is suffering the painful consequences of my bullshit batting technique.
I cannot extend it fully without hearing my muscles shout, 'YOU A**HOLE!!!1 IT'S ALL YOUR BLOODY FAULT!!! %$^$&&&(!@#$'.


I don't know what makes it so fun. I guess when you are in the cage, there is really only one thing in your mind: to hit a home run. During the moments when i stand with both legs spread out, fingers tightly coiled around the rubber grip on the bat, arms pulled back and eyes focused on the opening in the net, i feel my brows furrowing   as i wait with bated breath. The metal stopper lowers, the white ball rolls downwards and click, the ball is launched. I twist my hips and aiming the knob of the bat at the ball, i swing with all my might as i extend my arms.
My muscles cry out loud.

I miss.
Again and again, i miss.
I can miss 5 times in a row but i don't stop trying.

I can fall down a hundred times, but i don't stop getting back on my feet.

[Dear Baseball Cages, I'll be resting to prepare for a short hike over the weekends, so see you next week my friend!]

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