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Day 43 Meet Hearty

Hearty lives in Keum-Ryeon-Sa, a buddhist temple in the Korean Folk Village.

I walked up the small hill towards the entrance of the temple and proceeded towards the main area to snap some pictures. After i reached the top of the main stairway, i looked up. This time, it was not the temple's beautiful traditional architecture that caught my eye.

A little ball of cream-coloured fur stood on all fours and looked at me from about ten metres away. I walked towards her and the old lady resting at the porch beside the main hall asked me to go ahead and take pictures of the cutie pie. I looked at those beady eyes of hers and smiled while i waited for her to approach me.

She came up to me, sniffed my legs and started wagging her tail. I bent down and greeted her with glee.  She loosened up and started to lick me and jump up to sniff my face. I petted her all over and kissed her    little head and nose. I put down my camera and stroked her little puppy body. We played for a good ten minutes and i felt that the smile plastered on my face almost became a permanent facial feature.

All good things come to an end eventually. A meeting with someone special does not necessarily result in everlasting friendship. I could only spend 20 minutes with Hearty because the last shuttle bus leaves the village at 520pm.

I had to leave soon. I got up and bade the lady goodbye. I begin walking backwards towards the entrance. I turned back and Hearty looked at me. She walked towards me. I went down the stairs and she remained at the top. She couldn't leave her safe haven. I couldn't stay any longer.

I want to tell you that i hope the people in the temple continue to love and care for you for the rest of your life and that you will be be safe and happy in this sacred place.

I walked on but i kept turning back. I  would love to visit her again if i could.

The sun shone brightly behind her, outlining her tiny body in a golden hue. Her eyes were the shape of half-moons and she looked down at me from the top of the stairs.

I'm sorry. Be safe, be happy and eat well.

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