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Day 42 Samgyupsal Dinner + Cold Stone Creamery

My friend and i were craving for some meat so we settled on this Samgyupsal restaurant.

This restaurant appears to be quite popular with the adults and older generation.
They also have a very cute and smiley ahjusshi serving the customers.(not sure if he is the boss)
He definitely brightens up the atmosphere in the restaurant with the smile that he wears on his face all the time.

Service aside, the food is great.
The quality of the meat is probably the best i have tasted thus far.
We ordered three servings because we(ok, I) weren't that full after our first round.
I even ordered rice.
The doejjang jigae that comes as a set with a bowl rice is very satisfying as well.
For our second round, we tried the marinated pork belly, which also made my tastebuds very happy.

Do give this restaurant a try!

Grilled Pork Belly(2 servings), 22 000 won

small bowl of Doenjang Jjigae (Korean Soy Bean Paste Stew) thats comes with rice, 1000won

Grilled Pork Belly Marinated in Soy Sauce, 11 000won

Cakes sold at Paris Baguette:
I like to observe how differently the cakes here look as compared to those back home.
It is almost as if you can tell a country's style by looking at their cakes.

We were really full after dinner but as usual, we managed t squeeze in some ice cream.

Cookie Overload + Choco...something, 7900won


1) Samgyupsal restaurant
~60m away from exit 3 of Seoul National Univ. station.
Walk straight after emerging from the exit and in the first(i think) side street, look out for their signboards.
It is situated near the opening of the side street.

2) Cold Stone Creamery:
Exit 2 of Seoul National Univ. station
Walk straight for ~50m

3) Paris Baguette 
Everywhere haha



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