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Day 42 Cafe: Jio Book Cafe

I finally found the cafe that i have been wanting to visit since the start of the week after i stumbled upon some pictures of it online.

It is located in the basement of the building so it might be easily overlooked. But i am glad that i found this gem of a cafe.

Jio Book Cafe, as the name suggests, has tons of books waiting to be read. I did spot some books in English but i was too preoccupied with doing my assignments to open any of them. I ordered a Strawberry Smoothie to kill off the summer heat and some waffles. While waiting for my order to be processed, i walked around and snapped some shots of the cafe.

The cafe is somewhat country-themed with the omnipresence of rag dolls and wooden furniture. I like that they paid attention to detail. Everything falls into place neatly under the gentle lighting. If i can use one word to describe this cafe, it would be that it feels like home. I have seen pictures of the owners' children on their blog before and perhaps they included a dose of family warmth when they designed this cafe. None of the embellishments seem too deliberate and they all nestle comfortably in their respective spots. The rag dolls and mismatched furniture sets add flavour to the cafe. By having book shelves, it feels as though the owners are encouraging you to spend more time in the cafe.

Overall, Jio Book Cafe is a really conducive and cosy place to study in or to hang out with your friends.

My only complain is that the serving of waffles is too small ):

Ambience: 7.5/10
Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10

Waffles, 3500won

Strawberry smoothie, 4500won

To get to Jio Book Cafe,
Follow the directions on their webpage here

Come out of exit 2 of Seoul National Univ. station, walk all the straight for about 180m until you see a building with an uneven roof as depicted in their website.
Turn left into the street and turn left again into the a small alley just behind the building.



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