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Day 41 Cafe: Cafe Whipping

I will be counting down to my last day in Korea and i have decided to do a...

(I have no knowledge of coffees, teas and brewing so whatever i write will be based on how much i like what i ordered.)

The first Cafe in this series is Cafe Whipping.
Cafe Whipping is situated on the second floor of the building and might probably be overshadowed by its GINORMOUS neighbour Cafe Justin which is directly opposite and is the size of a football field.
Just kidding...


The cafe has a very simplistic design with cream-coloured walls and dangling overhead bulbs (my head hit one of them thrice by accident).
The menu consists of coffees, smoothies, fruits and a rather wide selection of wine and beer.
They also offer a few variants of sandwiches.

I ordered an Iced Cafe Mocha (4000won) and a Ham and Cheese Sandwich w/o vegetables(haha)(4000won).
I am quite disappointed with the quantity of bread given though.
It tasted alright.
They probably specialise in coffee.
The drink, hmm i shouldn't comment on this because i ain't no coffee connoisseur.

I found myself a nice cosy spot at a corner after i left my original table for four when more customers(or rather, just couples) came in.
Overall, i feel that if you can get a seat with a backrest, you can probably enter the fifth dimension
(that of Assignments) and stay there for quite a while.

Ambience: 7/10
Food: 6/10
Service: 8/10 
(I am vey easy to please. I will like you if you smile a lot)

Exit 2 of Seoul National Univ. station
Walk straight for about 100m.
Turn left at Cafe Justin.

[Cafe Justin is directly opposite Cafe Whipping.
I wanted to take the window seat in Cafe Whipping but when i sat down, i felt like a warden in an asylum with a bird's eye view of all the psychiatric patients.joking...]



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