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Day 42 Went to a baseball batting cage and whacked some balls

When in Korea, go to a batting cage to whack some balls.
There are a few regrets that i have:

1. Not coming here much earlier. 
I arrived in Seoul a mere 10 days before checking in to the dormitory. I should have came here 3 weeks before checking in. Heck, i should have came here 3 months earlier... ...

2. Not learning Korean prior to my departure.
Maybe sometimes i am less conscious about what i do because i have absolutely no idea what people are talking about.
But i am dying of curiosity.
I have a burning desire to chat with the friendly old people that i meet on my subway rides, in markets and in restaurants.
I want to answer their questions and i want to ask them questions.
I don't want to have a shellshocked expression whenever the cashier over the counter asks me something really basic.
I want to read all the banners and street signs with relative ease.

3. Not entering a batting cage UNTIL TODAY.

I saw this batting cage last night when i was roaming the streets and i told myself that i have to try it today. So this afternoon, i took a bus back to SNU station and walked towards the batting cage. There were 2 men batting away in two cubicles. I hesitated before i started looking through my purse to find a 500 won coin.
I found one!
As i walked towards the leftmost cubicle, i felt my heart thumping.
I was excited to try it, but at the same time, i was also a little afraid of being judged for being a complete beginner...
I took the bat and held it in my hands. 
Hmmm, feels good. I must have been a baseball league player in my previous life. HAHA
I slotted the only coin i had into the green box near the gate and got ready to kick ass (or... get kicked in the ass).

As soon as the first ball shot out from the opening on the opposite end, i swung the bat in an i-just-came-in-for-fun-i-know-nothing-about-baseball-i'm-sorry manner and of course, i completely missed the ball.

However, during the moment when i saw the very first ball spinning in the air towards me, i knew that i wouldn't be able to get enough of this.

And so, i spent 7500won (15 rounds of batting) on a swelteringly hot summer afternoon at a baseball batting cage near Seoul National Univ. station.

... only to watch some youtube videos on batting and face-keyboard myself upon realisation that during those 30 minutes or so that i spent 'batting' today, i was actually just swinging a stick at a flying ball.

The muscles on my back, shoulders and thighs are aching now.
I wasn't able to shampoo myself properly with my right hand as well. haha

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