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Day 17 Daegu: Dalseong Park

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal opinions. I am not targeting any organization or anyone in particular.

Dalseong Park is the most depressing place i have been to so far.
You will see why.

I visited Dalseong Park because the map states that it has a free zoo.
If you remember, FREE = ME HAPPY.

We'll skip the part about having to walk in the rain for about 25 minutes through a hardware street (from Daegu Station).

The park was quiet and it seemed devoid of life. (presumably because of the rain?)

I followed the signs and headed towards the animal section.

The first animals that i saw were the deers.
Then i saw the ostrich.

In the adjacent sections, i saw the larger birds.
They had vultures and eagle cooped up in cages the size of the room i am staying in right now.
As i stood near the railings with the umbrella over my head, one of them looked at me straight in the eye.
What are you trying to say? Tell me..
I know that if they could scream, they would.
But they probably tried in their own way, and it must have failed, every single time.
To have be born a majestic creature, capable of roaming the skies, stranger to any form of limits or boundaries, how painful must it be...

In the next section, i saw a species of baboon perched on the rod above the ground.
There was nothing in his enclosure. 
No trees or leaves. There was no sense of a habitat.
He walked back and forth from one end of the rod to the other before he paused to urinate.
Then, he remained seated on the rod.

The fox stood in a corner, and stared at the outside environment.
His cage consisted of a kennel and nothing else.

The Sun Bear crawled back and forth, probably out of stress.
He was a metre and a half away from me, behind the metal grille and a glass panel.
I stood in front of him, protected from the elements by the love of my mother that came in the form of an umbrella.
I watched him sniff at the corner of the cage before he turned and repeated the entire procedure of pacing back and forth across the width of the cage.
Tears welled up in my eyes, but there wasn't enough of them to spill out of my eyelids.

I have always been interested in wolves.
Their behaviour and intelligence intrigues me.
When i think of wolves, i imagine them to be perched on a ledge, with the magnificent woodland in the background.
The alpha male would howl, and then the rest would join in.
Their howling would resonate throughout the area, sending chills down the spine of every prey.

I never thought that the first time i encounter wolves would be in a situation whereby they live in a space the size of my room, enclosed in a cage with blue metal grilles.
The wolves there have lost their splendour.
They look pathetic.

The animals there are not deers, birds, bears or wolves, they are but slaves that have been abused by Man in the name of education.


my SG friend here said that SG has one of the best zoos in the world. before, I didn't believe here, but I kinda see her point now. :/


By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 4, 2012 at 11:55 PM  

yeah even though the enclosures are small, it is still way better than these cages... it's like they don't even look like animals too me. they are just objects...

By Blogger Unknown, at July 4, 2012 at 11:58 PM  

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