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Day 17 Daegu: From Duryu to Gamsan

I tried my best to save money on transport by walking to the attractions instead of taking a bus because every bus trip costs 1200 won without the transport pass.

The attractions are usually about a 15-minute walk from the station and sometimes i have to walk through quiet streets.
It is also quite confusing because the stations are usually at cross junctions and the maps do not show you the exit numbers.
You will have to pick an exit and when you emerge from that exit, look at the surrounding buildings/landmarks and navigate from there.

I did walk to Duryu Park but i didn't enter it because from my experience with Yeouido Park, i came to a conclusion that i don't really have a penchant for visiting parks.
I was also feeling the strain after walking for such a long time.
I took out my map and decided to walk to Gamsan Station because it was nearer than having to walk back to Duryu Station.

Again, i had to walk pass quiet streets, rows of hardware shops and restaurants that were closed before i reached a residential area near Gamsan Station.
I do like exploring streets and all, but today, i just didn't have the to mood to snap pictures and i was feeling rather insecure.
Finally after a good 13 minutes or so, i saw the exit to Gamsan Station.
I ate at a restaurant directly beside exit 5 and ordered Chicken Dosirak(3700won).
The food was ok...

Just around the corner, i saw Yoger Presso!
So i ordered my favourite Cookies and Cream Cappuccino(4500won).

As i sat down and enjoyed my cup of coffee, i looked out the glass doors and thought of home - Seoul.

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