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Day 22 Observations

A cup of cappuccino is vital for surviving a three-hour morning class.

It is the start of the rainy season, the two-week rainy season that my teacher mentioned about.
The train is not crowded per se, but it is filled with older people and 'free spirits' like me HAHAHA.(kidding)

A man pulling a cart filled with raincoats enters the cabin i am in.
He proceeds to the middle of the cabin and starts to promote his products.
He is tired, but he is probably used to the exhaustion.
He lifts the packets of unopened raincoats in one hand and gestures with the other as he actively promotes his goods.
He walks up and down the cabin, his eyes darting back and forth so that he doesn't miss a raised hand.

Survival. We do anything to survive.
We do anything to ensure the survival of our loved ones.
The old people here work very hard, be it for themselves, or for their children.
I have heard friends saying that they understand how ahjummas feel and in a way, respect them for their conscientiousness and zealousness because they work very hard for their children.
Ahjummas and ahjusshis set up makeshift fruit and vegetables stalls along the streets.
They turn lorries into mobile fruit stalls, they sell street food along busy streets and they lay out their goods on mats in subway stations.
Some sell homemade rice cakes on the stairs of subway stations, some bring trolleys and sell their own vegetables and others display piles of clothes on a mat near the gantries.




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