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Day 22 Chuncheon: Getting to Cheongpyeongsa Temple

I ran to the tourist information booth situated directly outside the station and re-confirmed the bus to take to get to Soyang Dam.

So here are the directions to Cheongpyeongsa:
1. Take bus 12-1 from the bus stop opposite the station(across the road from the tourist information booth) to Soyang Dam(terminal stop).

While on the bus 

2. Walk Straight for 200m from where you alight (the top of the dam)
You should walk in the direction of travel of the bus. 
You will see this restaurant after 150m: 

3. After this restaurant, walk further until you see flights of stairs on your left.
Walk down and the ticket office will be visible.

The restaurant mentioned earlier is on the upper right side of the picture

A roundtrip costs 6000won. The last train leaves the Cheongpyeongsa side at 6pm. I would recommend going in the morning and hiking the entire route.

When i got off the bus, i didn't know where to find the ferry terminal. I asked the driver and he told me to go straight. I ran and ran and ran. I stopped once to check with a receptionist at a building before i continued running. It was 3.45pm when  reached the ticket office. I knew that the ferry departed at 30-minute intervals but i was secretly hoping that i made it in time for the 3:30pm ferry. Of course, i didn't. Nonetheless, i bought a ticket and hopped onto the boat. I snapped some pictures before i leaned back on the seat and heaved a sigh of relief.

One of the things that i have learnt on this trip is, perhaps, to never give up.

I stared out of the window. I got drunk just by looking at the scenery and feeling the wind against my face.

After a 10-minute boat ride, we arrived at the starting point of the hike towards the temple. It was 4:15pm. According to what i read, it takes 30-40mins to get to the temple. I was thinking that perhaps they are using older people as a reference, so it shouldn't take too long for a national athlete like me HAHAHA. (just kidding, i'm not a national athlete) But nope, they aren't.
I think i took roughly 30 or 35 minutes to get to the temple. I did snap quite a lot of pictures but i tried my best to keep up with the couple in front of me.

I told the ahjusshi that i am a student, not sure if this is the student price or the general ticket price.

Saw this sign after i saw the 2km sign earlier on. A 700m uphill walk is no joke yo,

Finally, I saw this:

Just a wee bit more to go. *pants*


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