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Day 21 Bubble Tea at Edae + Dinner at Hongdae

I went to Edae to shop in the afternoon before my second lesson of the day.
The shopping street is located on your left if you walk straight for about 60m after emerging from the exit that leads to 'Ewha Women's Univ.'

Taro Tea, 2500won

Street food, chicken + fried tteokbokki + hash brown, 1000won for a small cup (i ordered one more after i finished the first one because i like it haha)
In the evening, a friend and i went to Hongdae.
We tried Pork with Kimchi Stew at a restaurant which can be easily found via exit 8 of Hong-ik University.
I think the service is bad so i will not recommend this restaurant.
The food is alright.

Pork and Kimchi Stew, 7000won per person.

Kimchi Egg Roll, 8000won. Really expensive in my opinion. Did they add gold flakes??!!

Dunkin' Donuts' Cookie and Cream Choco, 4000won. If you like sweet stuff, this is your drug.



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