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Day 17 Daegu: A New Friend whom I will never forget... 친애하는 친구

EDIT: As i recall my trip to Daegu, Sophie is someone who brightened up my day and the few hours that we spent together has become a precious memory that i will cherish forever. It is rare to meet a complete stranger in a foreign place who is willing and eager to spend time and effort to make you feel welcomed and at ease. Therefore, i am truly thankful to have met Sophie. Perhaps, it is fate that our paths crossed. Whenever i think of Daegu, i will always be reminded of her kindness. 

On my first day in Daegu, when i left the guesthouse after checking in, a white car stopped beside me while i was walking.
It was the lady who had been talking to the owner of the guesthouse earlier on.
She asked me to hop on and she drove me to the Catholic Church near Yangnyeongsi market (in one of my previous posts).
She didn't speak fluent English but i could understand her most of the time.
She gave me her name card and told me that if i have time, i could ring her up the next day.

So i did.
I texted her and we met up at about 6pm at the guesthouse.
She asked me if i wanted to have dinner. I suggested having Napjak Mandu, a local delight.
We headed to Dongseongno street, which is just 5 minutes away from the guesthouse.
However, the jam turned it into a 30 minute route.
Along the way, we chatted about everything we could under the sunmoon.
She is very different from the people that i have met.
She works in the art scene and enjoys meeting new people.

She then brought me to a popular restaurant in Dongseongno.
For just 2500won, i got a plate of tteokbokki, fish cakes and Napjak mandu in spicy sauce.
It is delicious.
The rice cakes are bigger than the usual ones but they are soft and not too chewy.
The special sauce completed the lightly crispy mandus.
Drenched in the special sauce that had a hint of curry flavour was bursting with flavour.
The level of spiciness was just right and coming from someone who cannot take spicy food, it probably means that the dish was not spicy at all.

After dinner, Sophie invited me over to her home and we chatted over some watermelon.
We shared about our interests and other stuff.
Occasionally, she would fish out her mobile phone to use the translator to convey her message.
She told me about her job and showed me pieces of art that she collects as a hobby.
She also introduced me to her hedgehog, Mink.

Sophie's smile and sincerity is probably what sets her apart from others.
I wish her family all the best and i will definitely make an effort to meet her again if i have the chance to.

Sophie, thank you for everything!

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