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Day 20 Soccer + Pizza School

I rushed over to Hannam station after lesson, my toes tingled with excitement at the thought of playing street soccer with guys because it really increases the intensity of the game.

I got there at about 7pm, just in time for a ten-minute game. There were many people using one court so every group took turns to play. It was 5v5 women against men. We scored 2 goals!I assisted in the first goal HAHAHA. Contributing to the scoring of a goal and the success of the team gave me a great feeling. There was one particular moment when i was right at the edge of the D and a guy was shielding me from the goal. I tapped the ball lightly to the left and caught him off guard. I took a shot but i missed. The ball rebounded off the feet of the goalkeeper and my teammate sent it soaring through the back of the net. I was euphoric.
We left after one game because we had to wait for about 30 minutes before the next game and some of us had been there since 5pm. I wanted to play more because it was a good opportunity to gain experience.):

We went for dinner at Pizza School and i experienced roadside dining for the first time. The pizzas there are cheap and delicious. We ordered two pizzas (6000won each) and shared them among 5 people. It wasn't enough for me even thought i ate 3.33 slices of pizza because:
1) It is really yummy.
2) You can never have enough pizza.

Hannam, a neighbourhood that brings back so many memories.

Opposite Pizza School
A must-try.

Tastes very much like 7UP/Sprite
Potato Pizza, 6000won

Spicy Chicken Pizza, 6000won

Please hold a piece of tissue under my chin now thanks.
I am thankful to have found a group of friends with similar interests. (:

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