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Day 19 Gangnam: Dinner and Shopping with Friends!

I ate a slice of cake at the cafe near the Department of Music before i headed back to my room to rest (and do my assignment).
I also gave the restaurant near the cafeteria at block 900 a second chance.
This time, instead of kimchi fried rice, i ordered stir-fried chicken with rice(4500won).
After eating the food, i decided that this would be the second and last chance i am giving the restaurant unless someone recommends a good dish from that place. 

After lessons, i headed over to Gangnam with  a group of new friends.

I thought the restaurant that we eventually chose is pretty good.
To get there, get out from the station via exit 11 and make a right turn to enter the inner street when you see YBM building.
Turn left and walk all the way straight for about 150m.

The lady gave us an English menu when she realised that we are foreigners.

What i ordered

We shared one serving of 8 mandus and the lady said that they have a mixed version with both Gogi mandu and Kimchi mandu. It is a really good deal because 8 mandus costs only 3000won.

Jeyuk Deopbap, 5000won

Omelet, 5000won. My friends like this!

Jjolmyeon, 4000won. Chewy noodles with hot spicy sauce. I like this dish but my friend thinks that the noodles are too chewy.

Kimchi Mandu

Kimchi mandu

Gogi mandu



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