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Day 23 Gwangjang Market: Bindaetteok 빈대떡

Have i mentioned that i love visiting markets in Korea?

I was supposed to go to a ranch outside of Seoul today, but i woke up late and also, it might not be the right time to go now because it is raining everywhere. I hopped onto the train and left for Jongno-5 ga station. The market can be easily accessed via exit 8. (about 30m away) There is another exit leads to the entrance of the market. It should be Exit 9 if i remember correctly.

Gwangjang Market sells street food (namely assorted jeon and pork dishes(blood sausage if i am not wrong)), textiles, beddings, wedding supplies, meat errr yup, that's about it! They also have shops selling ginseng, snacks and cosmetics.

I couldn't really decide on a stall even though i completely eliminated the pork section because i didn't want to end up ordering a bowl of pig intestines or blood sausages by mistake.

I settled on one of the many stalls selling assorted jeon (vegetables in egg batter) and bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes with onions and bean sprouts). Yes, you heard me right, Emily is eating an entirely 'vege-fied' meal. The stall owner and i didn't understand each other so i pointed to the bindaetteok(because it looks like the highlight of the street) and asked for some potatoes.

A cute old lady sitting at the stall told me that the food is delicious. She had a pile of assorted jeon on her plate. She asked me to take a seat and while my food was being prepared. She would turn and talk to me once in a while and make comments about the neighbouring stall not having any customers(i assume). My heart aches because i cannot say more than a 'yes' whenever she comments about something.

Halfway through the meal, she asked me a question and it was then that i had to let the cat out of the bag. I told her that i couldn't speak Korean. She nodded and resumed eating. My heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach.


The old lady ate a lot!
She even asked for more after i left.

A plate of assorted jeon of your choice costs 5000won. I thought that i wouldn't be able to finish the food, but i did. YAY. 
The vegetable pancake depicted above is actually really tasty. 
It doesn't taste like vegetables at all and has a chewy texture.

The stall owner had oily fingers and she accidentally touched Joshua's eye.

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