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Day 25 Getting to Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch in Pyeongchang

I set my alarm at 6am today, but i got up at 730pm.
Honestly, i wasn't keen on visiting the ranch today because i wanted to rest.
But as i was brushing my teeth, i was thinking to myself that i should make full use of my remaining time here.
An entire Sunday spent sleeping in the dorm and slacking around is one wasted day.
Although i had to hand in a one page essay on monday morning, i reminded myself that my priority is to travel, not study. 

I got dressed and headed to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Gangbyeon station, exit 4).
I bought the tickets to Hoenggye and prepared myself for the 2.5 hour ride.
I finished the chips and all the bread that i bought from Tour Les Jous within half and hour though. HAHA

At one point in time, i began smiling to myself as i squinted and looked out of the window.
Sometimes i don't know whether i really like travelling or if i merely want to run away from reality and all that awaits me back in the little red dot.
I have never really been to many big countries and i am not a frequent traveller.
Maybe this is why i view this as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I got on a cab and showed him the name of the ranch on my trusty ol' notebook which has been through thick and thin with me.
The driver told me that it would cost 12,000won.
He didn't switch the meter on because he said it would be a long ride.
I am not sure if it is a tourist rate but well, i can't exactly say anything.

Samyang ranch was (almost) flooded with families and couples.
I did expect a crowd because i deliberately chose to go on a weekend (safety in numbers is especially important if you are heading to a place that is quite isolated).
I had to queue up for about 8 minutes to get a ticket.


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