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Day 17 Daegu: Hotteok 호떡 (street food)

'Hotteok is popular Korean street snack and dessert with brown sugar syrup filling inside.'
- beyondkimchee.com

Hotteok is my favourite Korean street food.
The first time i tried it was at Namdaemun.
I googled 'hotteok' and apparently, there are many variations of Hotteok.
I tried the baked ones before but i still prefer the soft deep-fried ones.

I noticed a queue while i passed by Seomun Market and when i went nearer for a closer look, a (greedy) smile spread across my face. :P

Please get me a bucket. I need it to collect my drool.
This Hotteok costs only 700won.
I prefer this one to the one at Namdaemun because it has more dough than caramel and it is not too sweet.

It was... absolutely heavenly.



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